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Breakfast Essentials

1 Gallon of orange juice

1 Gallon of whole milk or almond milk

1 Large bottle of apple juice

2 Dozen free range eggs

1 Box of frozen waffles

1 Box of frozen pancakes

1 Large bottle of maple syrup

2 Bags of frozen hash browns

6 Vanilla yogurt cups

6 Bananas

1 Box of instant oatmeal

1-Quart half-and-half or coffee creamers

1 Large bag of breakfast blend coffee

1 Box of coffee filters

1 Small bag of sugar

1 Box of yogurt tubes

1 Box of granola bars

2 Bags of plain bagels (6 each)

1 Large cream cheese

2 Cans of biscuits

1 Squeeze jar of jelly

2 Lbs of bacon

1 Loaf of brioche bread

4 Sticks of salted butter

1 Large pack of strawberries

1 Large pack of blueberries

1 Box of hot chocolate


All quantities can be changed to accommodate your group size, please specify in "Other/Write-in Notes"

Breakfast Essentials

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